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How do I get the best results with The Magic Feggari Peeling® Glove ?

Instructions – How you get the best results

Step 1 – Soften your skin by bathing or staying under a very warm shower for at least 5 minutes. You will achieve the best results by using The Magic Feggari Peeling® Glove after a shower or bath.

Step 2 – Rinsing is essential, thoroughly rinse the skin of all soaps, bath foams, detergents and oils, because they can reduce the exfoliating action.

Step 3 – Wet the glove and squeeze out the excess water. The Magic Feggari Peeling® Glove should only be used on partially wet skin, not under a stream of water. Rub the skin vigorously in a vertical direction, until you see flakes of exfoliated skin.

How often should I exfioliate?

The treatment is recommended at least once a week, for young skin. For skin that is older and more mature use twice a week. This should only be used as a guide, as everyone has different skin types. If you have cosmetics products on your skin, remove these first with solid natural soap.

The Magic Feggari Peeling® Glove is an excellent hypoallergenic treatment for even the most sensitive skin types!